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The basic norm of Corporate Social Responsibility is performing with an aim to follow the law of the land and ethical guidelines in conjunction to international green technology norms. Though most businesses in India follow the basic norm of CSR , there are a lot of corporations and IT companies in the country that go beyond the basic function of CSR and engage in social service, which is not mandatory as per the law and isn’t necessarily needed for the good interest of their company. These corporations indulge in CSR activities that are beneficial for the Indian society and towards maintaining environmental stability.

Corporate Social Responsibility Activities

There are a lot of common goals for the CSR sector in India; hence, most of the CSR activities are built around the common function to providing and promoting the following

• Ecological Sustainability – Most industries in India follow the norms of the Green Technology model in order to reduce the ecological damage caused due to hazardous industrial practices. The focus is on environmental sustainability and this can be achieved by simple practices like waste management, recycling , making use of renewable energy sources, reusing resources, focusing on digital technology as opposed to physically copying data etc. When the corporate sector adapts to Ecological sustainability, the carbon emissions can be controlled to a large extent. These green initiatives by the Indian corporate sector facilitate long term development of sustainable models for the society.

• Contribution to the society – A lot of big businesses in India support charities and help raise money for a cause. The most common contribution from a corporate set up is offering employment to locals , sponsoring events in the community, promoting volunteers for charities and social causes, adding to the economic growth of the community etc. Many corporation also work towards providing equal education options, sanitation and improved infrastructure in the rural areas , by working with the government and NGO’s

• Fair Trade Practices – Ethical marketing techniques and offering the customer value for their money are primary aims for most CSR units. This helps the company in gaining trust from the consumers and also helps them make a place for themselves in the community, which helps the community in job opportunities and economic growth.

Most of the companies that follow the CSR norms, work with the green tech industrial model and help in preserving the environment. An important aspect of the Green technology model is neutralization of GHG or the Greenhouse gases that are emitted by industries or vehicles. Under these green initiatives, the corporate sector promotes the use of renewable energy in order to maintain a sustainability balance.

The corporate sector works alongside the government , NGO’s and communities to promote Green technology in our everyday lives. Major Indian IT companies are a part of the green initiative; they regularly raise money and invest it in these causes. The main aim for these green initiatives in India is to make the society independent for its energy source, without depleting the non renewable energy resources.

These aspects are responsible for making the CSR activities and the green technology they adapt a service for the greater good of the society and generations to come.
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