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ust after the happy Spring Festival

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PorukaPoslao: Pet Jul 13, 2018 1:45 am    Naslov: ust after the happy Spring Festival Odgovoriti sa citatom

ust after the happy Spring Festival, the annual Lantern Festival is on schedule. The Lantern Festival Newport Cigarettes Coupons, also known as the Shangyuan Festival, has the traditional custom of eating rice balls and hanging red lights. At this time Marlboro Cigarettes, every household must swim and watch the lights.tern Festival, all the high-rise buildings in the city are hung with lanterns, and the square also hangs puppet lights. In this festival, whether it is on the tree, on the ground, in front of the door, or on the top of the building, it is colorful; even on the car and the glass, it is not willing to let go.night falls, the streets and alleys are bustling, and all the big companies have put up the fireworks Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, "��-" "��--", this sound is deafening. The shape of the fireworks is even more beautiful: some are like raging fires burning in the air, some like blossoming lilies bloom in the air, and some like butterflies dancing in the sntern Festival is a symbol of reunion, a symbol of goodness, a symbol of a good moon, I like the Lantern Festivalxth grade: Bi Childhood has left many wonderful memories for everyone, and I am no exception. I grew up in the city, remembering that the happiest time of childhood is to go to the country for a holiday, there are always a lot of fun things. When I get to the country, I can go with my friends to dig sweet potatoes, steal watermelons, catch fish, and have fun. The most impressive thing about these fun things is to steal watermelons in the countrysideere are a lot of melons in the countryside. In the summer, the mature watermelon is a piece of 1 piece, and it is tempting. At night, the screaming, breezy, this cool breeze gently blowing on the flat melon field, with the gas of the melon field, very cool. The bright moon hangs in the air, revealing a cool, clear river with white under the moonlight. In this situation, people can't help but want to sit down and sing a small poem. But these beautiful views are not so poetic in my opinion and my friends, but more of a kind of excitement. Because such a night is best for us to steal melons. Hey!he melon fields of the country, there are always old men and dogs who look at melons. This old man and dog are always so fierce in our eyes. How to steal the melon under the eyes of the old man? The little friends are scratching their heads. The clever tiger brother patted his belly and whispered in our ears for a while. After listening to everyone Carton Of Newports, I laughed and turned forward. After the laugh, the partners started to brother took a small shovel to the country road to collect the pig manure that had not been dried. Several of us went to find a small wheelbarrow with the tiger brother. After a while, everyone took good things and gathered them under the big tree next to the melon field. Xiaolongge and the army are responsible for getting the big dog and the old man. We are responsible for stealing the melon Marlboro Gold. Just do it, everyone will act now.
g brother put the pig manure in front of the evil dog and tempted him to leave the door. This evil dog is really fooled. Following the little dragon brother running far away, several of us quickly rushed in from the hole in the fence. The little friends were quite agile. When we were a few small ones, we put the watermelon on the ground and slowly rolled to the door. Two people carried it. On the unicycle, the tiger brother is the most powerful. One person twists his butt and swaying the watermelon into the car. Everyone saw that there were already 56 watermelons on the wheelbarrow. I felt that the trip was very fruitful and I was very happy. At this time, the monkey had a bad idea. He cut a small 3 horn on the watermelon, dug it out and ate it, then filled in some sediment and finally sealed the watermelon. After doing this, everyone quickly pushed the BMX to the stream to open the watermelon conference.eryone eats watermelon on the side of the stream and tells the old man what would happen if he opened the special watermelon. In this way, everyone played happily for a while, then went back to each family. is the most memorable thing in my childhood, this is the footprint I left behind.

Pridružio: 10 Jul 2018
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